Please find below our currently available instrument list.  You can be assured that both used and new instruments are all fully checked and setup before dispatch.

Grease & Creams - £ various
Slide-o-mix 10.20 Rapid Comfort 6.00 Superslick: Slide Grease 2.05 Silicone Plus 2.59 Tromb.Sl.Cream 2.80

Miscellaneous - £ various
Mug Holder 10.00 Magnet 3.95 Mute Holder 14.95 Pen Holder 0.95 Water Bottle sm. 2.00 l. 3.25

Halstead French Horn BUZZ BUDDY - £21.50

The HALSTEAD BUZZ-BUDDY is an ingenious and novel practising tool. It encourages, focuses and strengthens the mouthpiece buzz by adding a similar degree of resistance to that of a horn. It has long been recognized by many players and teachers that too much buzzing on the mouthpiece alone can cause undesirable results to the embouchure. The HALSTEAD BUZZ-BUDDY was developed specifically to address this problem. It is a narrow-bore brass tube 180mm long, tapered at both ends, with a single vent-hole strategically placed quite close to the mouthpiece-receiver end. Its fundamental pitch with the hole closed is a horn in F's 'C' above middle C. All pitches lower than this can be buzzed (as 'factitious' tones bent down from the fundamental) with the hole closed by a finger or thumb. An un-vented pipe of this length would not produce any further buzzable pitches lower than 'top C' (the 2nd harmonic an octave higher than the fundamental). Opening the Buzz-Buddy's vent-hole permits the buzzing of all higher pitches, as far as one's embouchure can sound. The Halstead Buzz-Buddy is made of high-quality brass, hand polished to a gleaming finish, and is small enough to fit in a pocket. It is less expensive than a good-quality mouthpiece.

After some extensive research, we have managed to cut production costs on this item, which we have pleasure in passing on to you, the customer. NOTE THE NEW LOW PRICE

Tom and Will Gig Bags - £various
Excellent quality fabric bags with bell protection boards.Available for all Brass instruments.Large pocket for music and accessories. Trumpet and Cornet bags have pocket which can be detatched and carried seperately if desired All have comfortable carrying handles and Back Pack style straps. Available in grey/black or grey/red

Trumpet £44.00 Double Trumpet/Flugel £58.00 Triple Trumpet/Flugel £63.00 Cornet £40.00 Flugel £47.00 Tenor horn £68.00 Baritone £71.50 Euphonium £82.00 Trombone(basic) up to 8.5inch bell £72.00 Bass Trombone £84.00 Eeb Tuba £122.00 BBb Tuba £136.00 French Horn Fixed Bell £72.00 Detached Bell £72.00 Other instruments available. Please phone for details

VALVE OILS - Various
Al Cass 5.50 Denis Wick 5.50 Holton 3.25